X’s story

X had experienced physical, emotional and financial abuse, and daily control over what she could wear, who she could meet and talk to. She came to SWA as a single person but had a dependent child who resided with her parents. X presented as a very independent and capable person when first arriving and didn’t seem to need too much support from SWA, and wanted to manage things for herself after being controlled for so long. After a epriod of time, it was clear that X had additional support needs for alcohol due to binge drinking and during these times would meet her abusive partner, often returning with cuts and bruises. She would minise the abuse to staff but staff recognised she needed support with her alochol use and being coerced into meeting her abusive partner. Staff supported X to report incidents of abuse to the police, and worked with an alcohol based service to start to help her regain control. X was referred to the MARAC to co-ordinate the support of other services and identify the level of risk she faced from her perpetrator. X recognised, with support, that the death of her son over 5 years ago was a trigger for her alcohol use and wanted support to reduce her dependency. From the groupwork programmes SWA offered, she was able to identify that her trauma from domestic abuse and death of her son were bringing up feelings she felt were hard to udnerstand, but she worked with staff to explore these and reach out for support. After receiving support for several months, she felt she was ready to live independently. SWA supported her to bid for properties and be successful in obtaining a property to move to. SWA supported X to receive grants to help furnish the property and then move in and live independently.