K’s story

K arrived at SWA with her 3 children after experiencing domestic abuse for many years from her partner. K lived in another part of the country and felt anxious about living in a new city with children. One of her children had additional needs which meant finding a school locally would need to be done carefully. K was very withdrawn and exhausted from the abuse. Her oldest child would often help her with the two younger children. K was given time and space to settle into her new flat and get the children settled. The SWA team supported her with activities for the children so that she could have some much needed time on her own. SWA also supported her with securing school and nursery places, and to press charges against her partner. K was concerned her partner may seek to have contact with the children but SWA staff worked with a local solicitor to make sure any contact would be limited and observed. K felt more confident to state her wishes after she had pressed charges, which were successful. K had acrued debts due to her partner which SWA supported to be removed, and helped K to set up her own bank account. The children’s worker at SWA and parenting support worker helped K in developing stronger bonds with her children and build a routine with the children. The benefits of this support were quikcly seen in the children who were happy to be safe and away from the abuse. One of the children started to talk about the abuse in his 1-1 sessions with the children’s worker and drew his feelings.